Find an Attorney in Dallas, Texas helps you find an attorney or lawyer in Dallas, Texas and its suburbs who can help with your legal problem. All of the attorneys and lawyers listed on this site are members of the North Dallas Bar Association in the Dallas, Texas area.

attorneys dallas tx, lawyers dallas tx, find a lawyerWe make it easy to get answers to your legal questions! You may contact us or select a specific legal practice area from the list and choose one of the lawyers in that section.

If you need an attorney referral in the Dallas area, you may phone the North Dallas Bar Association at (972) 980-0472 for assistance. Phones are answered during normal business hours. However, if your legal problem does not fit one of the categories on this page, we will not be able to help you. It’s faster just to search for a lawyer here than to call us.

The North Dallas Bar Association referral service is certified as a lawyer referral service as required by the State of Texas under Chapter 952, Occupations Code. Certification Number 9402.

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If you are a lawyer or attorney, consider joining the North Dallas Bar Association. Find out about our membership, meetings, and who is in the North Dallas Bar Association.There is no geographical restriction to joining our association. You must be a member of the North Dallas Bar Association to be listed on this site. We also provide monthly continuing legal education meetings for our members.